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Cosmetic Dentistry

Give yourself a beautiful smile without braces in only a few weeks by use of permanent porcelain veneers and crowns. In many cases this can be done without injections. Cosmetic whitening of natural teeth is also available. You owe it to yourself!

Implant Dentistry

This is a new and wonderful method to restore missing teeth. It is much more conservative and does not require adjacent teeth to be touched as is the case for bridgework; they can even be used to replace removable partial and full dentures with permanently anchored partial or full arch bridgework. You'll never have to take your dental work in and out of your mouth again.

Root Canal Therapy

Almost all hypersensitive or abscessed teeth may be saved by Root Canal Therapy. Unfortunately, there are also many horror stories indicating the root canal process was worse than the original toothache. There have been many innovations in this field which have made the process more comfortable and easier on the patient. This is the preferred method for saving these teeth instead of extraction, and they can usually be finished in one appointment. It is much less expensive and less complex to save a tooth than to replace it with a bridge or an implant; there is no better anchor than your own tooth.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a progressive process which causes the loss of anchoring bone which results in loss of teeth. Initial symptoms may begin with bleeding, sore, or puffy gums. It usually progresses unnoticed until there is more bleeding, bad breath and loose teeth. At this time the unchecked disease may result in tooth loss. We can intercede in the process and may even stop the disease. We treat minor to moderate gum disease using comfortable and painless methods which have proven very successful. Let us get you back on the path to dental health.

Restorative Dentistry

We offer a wide range of services to restore decayed, broken or missing teeth, including fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, partial dentures and dentures that will give years of comfort and function. We also offer aesthetic tooth-colored fillings, veneers, crown and bridgework. It is never too late to restore your smile and function.

Oral Surgery

We can remove most non-repairable teeth as well as most wisdom teeth with minimal discomfort.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Reduction

Sleep Apnea can cause heart problems and lack of important body rejuvenation. Snoring can be just as unhealthful, as well as a disturbance to loved ones and others. We offer oral appliances that are comfortable and can reduce or even cease snoring and sleep apnea. Ask us how your medical insurance may even reimburse you.

Children & Family Dentistry

Children are always welcome and Nitrous Oxide is available for stress-free appointments. We cater to families, providing a wide range of preventative and restorative dental procedures.

Anxious Patients

We welcome patients with dental fear and do our utmost to decrease their stress and discomfort. We offer Nitrous Oxide and oral medications that help limit this common syndrome. Often, our patients become so comfortable with us that their fears no longer prevent them from having us care for their dental health.

Patient Referrals

Patient Referrals: We can handle almost all dental situations, although we do not hesitate to refer to specialists with whom we have worked, and who can produce the results we require. We also listen to feedback from our patients' experiences with those specialists.